Life is simple.

You can look at it thinking...


Or step up & make your dreams a reality !


Now, let's go back to the beginning...

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If I had one dream...

...And I made it happen on my way back from Burning Man, where I created an interactive art concept made of a large fine art print from Burning Man and a dreambox.

It's all about taking a few minutes off your daily busy lives to think, write and share your intentions. What matters is how deep they are in your heart rather than how big they look in people's mind.

The reasons why you should be next...

They have set their intentions, written & shared their dreams...Your turn to step up !

Now, it's time YOU share your dream !

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What else ?

Just remember one thing...

Such a creative way to invite anybody have their deepest dreams travel to Burning Man: that’s epic!
— Alessandro, Milan
So inspiring! Thank you for sharing...
— Rebecca, Australia
The perfect reminder to keep in mind at all times!
— Scott, London
It made me smile and will for a long time...!
— Anastasia, Spain
Beautiful story and a great way to make us think of what’s important in life & what we wanna achieve !
— Jane, UK
J’ai voyagé loin le temps d’un instant...! Une évasion qui fait du bien.
— Nicolas, France
Love the photo & the idea. We need more creative spirits out there. May my dream come true soon ;-)
— Helen, NYC